Perfect Heating and Hot Water with Boiler Installation, Repair and Service in Saskatoon, SK

Boilers are one of the most effective ways to provide heating to your home, particularly in the harsh Saskatoon weather. However, without the proper routine maintenance, your boiler will not be providing the heat you need to stay warm and comfortable. Ball & Sons Heating Co Ltd is your leading expert in boiler service and installation in Saskatoon, providing honest and reliable service that ensures perfect heating at all times. Proud to be an authorized Viessmann dealer and supplier of the best boilers in the market! Learn why Ball & Sons Heating Co Ltd is the most trusted heating and cooling experts in Saskatchewan for yourself!

Signs Your Boiler Needs a Service

Are you noticing strange sounds or bad odors coming from your boiler? These signs indicate that something is wrong with the operation, as the boiler should be quiet and unnoticeable at all times. If your boiler is leaking, this is also an indication that you need to call your local boiler experts! Other less obvious signs come in the form of higher energy bills. If you notice you are paying more and more each month, then by calling Ball & Sons Heating Co Ltd, you can save yourself the expense of high bills and costly repairs.

Schedule an Appointment for Repair or Service of your Boiler Today

Whether you need repair or maintenance service of your boiler, or you need a brand new installation of a replacement system, Ball & Sons Heating Co Ltd offers everything you need to create a warm and comfortable environment in your home for your family. To schedule your appointment, call our team at (306) 244-6160 today.